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Ice deying, so surprising ! Ijsverven, zo leuk !

Ice dyeing, so much fun !

Each cloth comes out in a different way. You never know ! This is so much fun !

Elke lap is weer anders. Je weet nooit wat er uit komt, Zo leuk !

Sun printing with Inkodye / Zonneprint met Inkodye

I have tried out a product that was new to me : Inkodye.
 It's an UV- light activated ink.
The results are very nice, I think.
It works like sun printing with prepared fabric only here you can use common cotton and other natural fabrics.

Ik heb een experiment gedaan met zonneprinten met Inkodye van
De resultaten lijken op shibori. Ik heb nu blauw gebruikt maar je het er allerlei kleuren in.
Je hoeft hiervoor geen geprepareerde stof te gebruiken maar ander natuurlijk materiaal zoals rayon en zijde.
Heel leuk en spannend om te doen. Ik ben ook nog aan het experimenteren geweest met resist maar daarover de volgende keer.

Here you can see the colour changing . I started with white cotton but forgot to take a photo before I took it out in the sunshine. The colour starts changing immediatly but it takes about  30 minutes before the reaction stops.

Recycling project

Yesterday I got inspired to create something from a paper bag from Whole Foods. I crumpeld up the paper several times and rubbed the crinkels out again. Then I ironed Pellon ( heavy duty ) on one site and placed snippets of fabric and paper on the adhesive site and ironed everything to it , using parchment paper.
Next I coulered the open spaces in with crayons and inktense pencils.A layer of pink tule snippets was glued on with the iron to blend the colours in. I then sew a lot of free emboidering stitches over it all.
My paperbagpaper was ready but what to do with it ?
I looked at it again and saw the letters please recyle this bag and, as that was just what I was doing.
 I made a little wall hanging from it by sewing the handles on and some more text and decoration.Now it looked like a re-used paperbag and that was the whole idea.

Ik ben weer in Florida en heb eindelijk weer eens uitgebreid de tijd om creatief bezig te zijn. Heerlijk!
De inspiratie kwam van een oude techniek. Ik kreukte h…